Doing business in Hong Kong can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Strategically located in the heart of Asia – the gateway to the mainland China market
  • Travel to/ from Hong Kong to Beijing, Shanghai and/ or other Asian metropoles can be within 1 day
  • International transportation hub with excellent business infrastructure facilities
  • Well-established and independent legal system which is separate from mainland China’s, and adopts English common law
  • Intellectual Property protection is enforced, with strict regulations for patents, copyrights, trademarks and registered designs
  • Hong Kong is a free port – driven by principles of free trade and free markets
  • Close relationship with mainland China: under CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Agreement) arrangement, all goods qualified as Hong Kong origin may be exported to the mainland tariff free
  • Hong Kong service suppliers are eligible to receive preferential treatment in providing services in the mainland under CEPA
  • Politically stable with pro-business governance and free flow of information
  • Strict anti-corruption regimen – the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) is set up to combat both public and private sector corruption
  • Highly trained, well-educated and skilled workforce, well versed with the business culture in the mainland cities
  • English is widely spoken language in Hong Kong and majority of the workforce also speak Cantonese and Mandarin

Registering a Limited-company in Hong Kong can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Hong Kong is the financial hub and key regional trade centre – rank high for investments and as the headquarter for international business
  • A company can be formed in 1 or 2 week’s time in Hong Kong
  • No foreign ownership restrictions on Hong Kong company
  • No restrictions on business scope
  • Require only one director and shareholder – no restrictions on nationality or residency
  • No minumim share capital requirement and the minimum issued share capital is HK$1 only
  • Capital examination is not required – registered capital can be increased freely and no need to fully pay up
  • Allow use of corporate shareholder and director in company structure for risk managment and tax planning purpose
  • Low tax rate (16.5% profit tax/ corporate tax is capped at 16.5% of assessable profits)
  • Salaries tax is a maximum of 15%
  • Tax exempt for offshore income (tax is exempt for income not sourced in Hong Kong)
  • No capital gains tax, no withholding tax on dividends and interest
  • No sales tax or VAT (value added tax) in Hong Kong
  • No foreign exchange control

Opening a Bank Account in Hong Kong can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Hong Kong’s banking industry is very robust with the presence of major international banks such as HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank and Bank of China
  • Hong Kong is reputed for having a high quality of banking industry regulation. The identity of account holder and transaction information is also subject to very high standard of confidentiality
  • No restrictions on investments inwards or outwards
  • Hong Kong is one of the world’s most dynamic economies driven by the principles of free trade and free markets with no foreign exchange controls
  • There is no restriction in international capital transfer, including transferring profit or dividend to homeland
  • Allow company to transfer fund freely and provides a safe guard for international trade
  • Effective from July 2009, Hong Kong banks have been approved to handle directly Renminbi (RMB/ CNY) settlement in Hong Kong for cross-border trading with China
  • This allows you to settle trade with designated enterprises in mainland China in RMB which reduces exchange cost in buying and selling RMB and provides an option to receive and keep RMB trade receipts offshore
  • You can use internet banking and phone banking to access your offshore bank account anytime and anywhere in the world
  • Hong Kong bank account provides mutli-currencies account (US$, EURO, AUD, HK$, etc.), online banking, ATM and credit card facilities
  • There is no tax on interest earned in bank account in Hong Kong
  • The minimum bank account balance required by banks in Hong Kong can be as low as HK$ 30,000 and the monthly service fee is only HK$ 100 for balance below the minimum account balance