Bank Account Introduction and Opening

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Bank Account Opening Requirement in Hong Kong

Banks in Hong Kong generally require the account signatories, principal directors and shareholders to be physically present in Hong Kong as part of their due diligence procedure in opening a bank account while the other directors and shareholders could have their document proof verified and signatures witnessed at one of the bank’s overseas branches at their place of residence.

Documents required for opening a commercial bank account:

  • Name for each of the directors, authorized signatories, principal shareholders and beneficial owners of corporate shareholders
  • Directors and Shareholders’ Residential Address Proof such as utility bills, bank statements, driving license etc.
  • Board Resolution approving the opening of a business bank account
  • Director’s Declaration detailing particulars of directors and principal shareholders
  • Certified True Copy of:
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Business Registration Certificate
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Directors, authorised signatories and principal shareholders’ identity documents (identity card or passport)
  • Business Plan with brief description of:
    • Nature of business
    • Countries of operations
    • Suppliers and customers
    • Forecasted turnover
    • Business background of directors/ shareholders
  • Relevant Business Document Proof such as invoice/ contract for sales/ purchase and company brochure
  • For shareholders who are body corporate, a certified copy of an Organization Chart showing the percentage of shareholdings held by each individual and the ultimate beneficial owners of the company
  • For nominee shareholders of a company, details of ultimate beneficial owners
  • For ultimate beneficiaries who are trusts, a certified copy of the Trust Deed or Declaration of Trust with details of the trustees, settlers and beneficiaries
  • Offshore companies that are opening a business bank account in Hong Kong will need to submit a Certificate of Incumbency and a Certificate of Good Standing in addition to the other documents
  • Initial Deposit for bank account

Note: The copies of all documents submitted must be certified by either a certified public accountant (CPA), company secretary, lawyer or banker