What is Offshore Banking?

Offshore banking usually refers to using banks not located in the jurisdiction where the customer lives, whether it is a person or corporation.

These banking services are frequently looked for in jurisdictions that have lower tax rates, sometimes known as tax havens, which allow both legal and financial advantages.

The use of an offshore bank account provides the strongest financial confidentiality in existence. Financial havens accommodate foreign investors through the creation of austere laws, which forbid the release of account holder names to any foreign government or outside party. Unless criminal activity such as money laundering or terrorism has been proven, the account holder may rest securely knowing their information is kept privately.

If you open an offshore bank account in your personal name, it will only be provided protection by the privacy laws of one jurisdiction, but by creating your new bank account with the name of your new offshore business, you will receive two levels of privacy.

An offshore business banking account provides the best level of privacy since all banking transactions are done in the name of the offshore business rather than in your name. For an even higher level of privacy, two offshore bank accounts may be created for sending money out of your home jurisdiction. The first transfer may be traced from your home account to your offshore account, but the second transfer of one offshore account to the other would be completely private.

Offshore banks provide customer service 24/7, Visa and MasterCard debit cards, online banking, managed accounts, lending and confirmed deposits. Basically, all modern banking conveniences are on hand with the strongest confidentiality, better interest rates and they even provide offshore investment opportunities.

For enquiries, contact us via email (information@off2hk.com) or by using our contact form.


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